Buffet vs. Plated Dinner - 10 Things to Consider For Your Wedding

One question you may have when planning a wedding is whether to go for a buffet style dinner or plated dinner. At Imperial Sound we have Dj'ed numerous weddings and have compiled a list 10 of things to consider when picking your meal style.


Wedding buffet

Fast Service

If you go with a buffet style dinner there is no question that dinner will run faster. Just because something is faster does not necessarily mean smoother, make sure your MC is on top of calling tables to eat. Fast dinner service coupled with an early meal time could also result in your guests ultimately leaving earlier in the evening, be cautious of the time if you don't have a lot planned after dinner.

A Full Guest is a Happy Guest

If your guests are seated for dinner at a later time most likely they are hungry. Announcing that the buffet is starting generally will ease the food panic in some of your foodie guests. The smell of food and the visual stimulant calms everyone down and sparks excitement.

Portion Control

Allowing your guests to determine the amount of food they intake avoids any case of unhappy eaters who are still hungry. There shall be no complaints if everyone controls how much they want or how little they want.

Picky Eaters

A buffet is great for picky eaters. If some of your known family members are picky, they won't be forced to eat things they don't like. As long as the variety is there you can rest assured no one will be sticking food items where they don't belong.

What You See is What You Get

When sending out invites to your guests you will no longer need to worry about tallying up who got chicken, who got fish and coordinating with your venue. You simply provide the numbers and the caterer or venue does the rest.


When is the last time you saw someone post a photo on social media of their buffet plate?

Elegance! Depending on the style of wedding you are going for, there is no question that a plated dinner provides an atmosphere of class and sophistication. There is nothing quite like having a server place a dish of food right in front of you. Its made just for you and is laid out perfect for an Instagram photo. #plated

Control Space and Time

A set of dinner courses allows for perfect spaces to insert a speech. It is usually a good idea to stagger speeches, as humans in general have short attention spans. Close family and friends will no doubt pay attention but some guests may get impatient hearing speech after speech consecutively especially if they have had a few cocktails.

Fast is Not Always Best

A plated meal will slowly but surely keep your guests picking away at their dinner. Spreading the dinner service out naturally by incorporating a plated meal will ensure that the dance does not start too early, An early dance start time may result in some older guests leaving quicker then you would like.

Food Quality

In general a plated meal is going to receive more attention then a prepared buffet tray. Your guests will no doubt receive a plate that is fresh and hot, made just for them.


In most cases at weddings there will generally be food served later in the evening. Typically this late night course is served buffet style. If you have a plated meal, and a late night buffet you get the best of both worlds!

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